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Jump Start the New Year on a Clean Slate!!!

OTC Beauty Magazine’s Advice Article for Beauty Outlet Owners from Briggs Market Masters’ very own Ms. Sonja Watford-Mair! 

      Are you absolutely cognizant of the cleanliness & organization of your store? The impact your business has on customer satisfaction begins the moment that they arrive! It’s never to late to make the change, & there’s always room for improvement. Begin this year with knowledgeable tips that will drastically increase not only your store appearance, but customer appeal & loyalty as well!! Losing sight of the upkeep of minor details is so common during the daily hustle & bustle of managing your business. Check out this article below where Sonja brings to light some of the following crucial specifics that will separate your store front as a superior business… such as:

  • Front Doors /Windows

  • Floors

  • Scents in the air

  • Shelving/Display maintenance

  • Parking Lot cleanliness

  • Decluttering & Oraganization


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