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Cantu’s NEW Men’s Line!!!!


NEW Cantu Collection Launch!!!

      Cantu’s New Men’s Collection features 7 NEW! Items specifically formulated for textured hair.  Key ingredients for the line include: Caffeine, Hemp Seed Oil &  Shea Butter. Key Benefits of the line provide: increased moisture,elasticity, softness, shine, & volume. The line also provides extensive hair growth, strand strength, scalp & hair health; while preventing dryness & scalp flaking.  Also NEW to Cantu is their Apple Cider Vinegar Collection Including 3 NEW items. This new collection provides a detox & cleanses your hair & scalp without harsh sulfates or other moisture stripping chemicals. Key Ingredients include: Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil!


Launch Locations: New York & Atlanta


New York Launch>>>

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Atlanta Launch: Blazers, Beard & Bourbon>>>


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