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Jinny Beauty’s Upcoming Show…


Jinny Trade Show!!!

  The Preeminent Jinny Beauty Supply will be having their 20th Anniversary Trade Show for hair care distributors: The 2017 Jinny Pure Buying Show!!!!Attending vendors will include:

  •                                                     Namaste (ORS)

  •                                              Dial (Smooth N’ Shine)

  •                                                          Lusters

  •                                                           Cantu

  Customers from Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis & Oakland are all invited to attend as well!!! Distributors please don’t miss this grand opportunity to purchase a variety of the market’s most profitable products…all in one place & at discounted prices! Jinny’s is offering: Customized Pre-Show Orders,  Pocket Deals & Show order volume discounts!!! Save the date!


                                                                  Date: Sunday, February 26th.  

                                                                  Show Time: 10am-5pm

                                                                                             Location: To be announced…



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